2024 NOAC Audition Process

We’re looking for Scouts, Venturers and Scouters to join us onstage at the 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference. We are casting roles for all ages and gender.
If you’re an actor, or want to be one, we want to see you!

  1. Record an audition video with the attached script.
  2. Upload your video to an online storage service such as Google Drive, YouTube, OneDrive or DropBox.
  3. Create a shareable link and send it with your name and contact information to casting@oashows.org
  4. Submit the video as soon as possible. Staff slots are filling quickly

For more information or questions contact casting@oashows.org

NOAC Show Audition Side*

Part 1

Deliver as if you’re in a football stadium. You have about 8 feet to move side to side.

Introduce yourself by clearly stating your name, council and lodge.

Welcome to the 2024 National Order of the Arrow Conference! I’m (your first name) and I am honored to welcome you to NOAC 2024 here at The University of Colorado – Boulder. We have an outstanding program for you this evening and an even better program throughout the next 4 days here among the peaks of the Rocky Mountains. Arrowmen from around the country have gathered to have fun and fellowship, improve our skill set as leaders who help other people at all times and to inspire a new day in our organization’s history. I know that we all have anticipated this
moment for months, but it doesn’t compare to being here, at NOAC. Now, who here is ready to Seek New Heights?

Part 2

In about a minute or less tell the story of the Unknown Scout. Speak to the camera like it’s one person or a small group of people. Tell it anyway you like, make it your own, tell it with no regrets.

Part 3

Tell us a joke. Or series of jokes. Make us laugh.

*Confidential use for the NOAC Shows team. Do not share without permission.